Sven Fennema: Sunset

Let Sven Fennema’s romantic Sunset take you away! At LUMAS, we are known for our massive collection of museum-quality, limited-edition photo art available online and in 30 galleries worldwide. Discover our latest Special Edition – at just S$599, this hand-signed, limited-edition piece is a phenomenal value! Available for a short time only, so get yours today!

For this Special Edition artwork, a brown Floater Frame creates a captivating contrast to the colorful image. This type of frame features a small gap around the edge of the image to give it the appearance of floating inside the frame.

Sven Fennema’s works tell the story of places to weave a fascinating web of nostalgia, wistfulness, and joyful tranquility. Let the atmospheric lighting enchant you and whisk you away to a dazzling past!

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The Floater Frame perfectly complements the artwork


About the Artist

Photo artist Sven Fennema finds his subjects on adventurous travels
Photo artist Sven Fennema finds his subjects on adventurous travels

Scouring archives and satellite maps, German artist Sven Fennema scouts out the special locations he captures in his artworks. Sunset came about on an arduous journey into the Caucasus Mountains. The old Tsar’s palace was Fennema’s highlight after crossing the border into Georgia. On roads worse for wear, he traveled through the southwestern part of the country in a rental car, surrounded by mountains, forests, cows and other free-roaming animals. To him, the efforts were well worth it; he was thrilled with the unique beauty of the wild and primeval landscape. Somewhat removed from Batumi, a city with an almost futuristic appearance, Fennema explored the abandoned Tsar’s palace.

Sunset at an Abandoned Tsar’s Palace

The magnificent palace was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It stands in the middle of a forest above the coast of the Black Sea, surrounded only by a small estate, and only reachable by narrow trails. There are not many facts available about the grandiose building; in local lore, it is known as an abandoned orphanage. During World War II, it was used as a makeshift hospital. Exactly when its decline began is unknown. In 2013, the palace was deemed a protected historic monument, but it is still awaiting its salvation.

Fennema kisses this Sleeping Beauty of a building awake with his camera, bringing the splendid structure back to life. Looking at the artwork, we are reminded of the former residents who once enjoyed the same gorgeous view. It is a singular fusion of a fairy-tale landscape with a view of the Black Sea and extraordinary architecture.

“After I arrived in the late afternoon, I quickly realized that it wasn’t the right time to take the photograph. First, I spent a lot of time in the building to get the feeling of its mood, scenic views, and spaces. I soaked up the tranquility, wistfulness, and serenity that this place emanates, so that I could capture them at the perfect moment and transport them in the artwork,” explains Sven Fennema.

With this hand-signed, limited run Special Edition Artwork, you have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive piece by a renowned artist whose work is regularly featured in international exhibitions and publications. Do not hesitate – this Special Edition is only available for a limited time!

Features of the Special Edition artwork
Features of the Special Edition artwork


Selected Works by Sven Fennema





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Authentic, Hand-Signed Art

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